mercredi 21 juillet 2010

Les Banques islamiques en tunisie

1) Banque zitouna

img_vide Banque Zitouna a été créée en Octobre 2009 par son Fondateur M. Mohamed Sakher Materi, Président du Groupe Princess Holding. C’est une banque commerciale universelle, qui obéit aux textes régissant l’activité bancaire en Tunisie.

Banque Zitouna se veut une Banque Citoyenne à forte responsabilité sociale ayant une grande volonté à contribuer à l’expansion Economique du Pays.

Banque Zitouna offre une gamme complète de produits et services conformes aux principes de la finance islamique et répondant aux besoins spécifiques de sa clientèle Corporate, particuliers et professionnels.

Banque Zitouna offre aux particuliers et professionnels une gamme innovante de produits et services en matière de comptes de dépôt, de Financements et d’investissements participatifs.

Afin d’accompagner les entreprises dans la gestion quotidienne de leur trésorerie, Banque Zitouna offre des solutions de financement des cycles d’exploitation et d’investissements et conçoit des pratiques innovantes en matière de traitement des opérations du commerce extérieur.

Conseillers de clientèle et chargés d’affaires sauront vous apporter les meilleures solutions en identifiant les opportunités et en donnant vie à vos ambitions.

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2) Banque Al-Baraka

Al Baraka Bank was established as part of the Tunisian Government’s policy which aims to Encourage Arab and Islamic investment in Tunisia and to develop socio-economic relations between Arab and Islamic countries. With in This context Al Baraka Bank has endeavored to consolidate economic development and progress in Tunisia, in particular, as well as in other Arab and Islamic countries in accordance with the following goals:

» Operate as an investment and commercial bank, performing all Banking operations, financing foreign and domestic trade, and undertaking foreign exchange operations (purchase and sale of foreign currency).

» Attract investment capital and channel it to finance profitable projects which are of benefit to the economy of host countries.

» Promote a market for capital in the form of profit-sharing certificates either from a specific project or group of projects and trade them at the current rate on the open market. ln This way, Al Baraka Bank will facilitate the flow of capital from surplus areas to are as with good investment opportunities thus benefiting both the investors and the countries in which this capital is invested.

» Create trade centers to exhibit products, coordinate the supply and demand, and make the necessary funding available to sellers, manufacturers, and buyers.

» Provide associate banks and institutions with the opportunity of investing surplus funds and provide the small services related to foreign payment coverage and any other special services required.

» Promote scientific and technical research in the areas of welfare and food security to better serve the needs of the peoples of the Islamic World.

  • Our Vision :

We believe society needs a fair and equitable financial system: one which rewards effort and contributes to the development of the community

  • Our Mission :

To meet the financial needs of communities across the world by conducting business ethically in accordance with our beliefs, practicing the highest professional standards and sharing the mutual benefits with the customers, staff and shareholders who participate in our business success.

Our Values :
  • Partnership: Our shared beliefs create strong bonds that form the basis of long-term relationship with our customers and staff.
  • Driven : Our seriousness and our perseverance attend our partners to an equitable and prosper community .
  • Neighbourly : We value and respect the communities we serve. Our doors are always open; our customers always experience a warm-hearted, hospitable welcome and accommodating service.
  • Peace of mind : Our customers can be assured that their financial interests are being managed by us to the highest level of ethical standards.
  • Social contribution : By banking with us, our customers can positively contribute to a better society; their growth and ours will benefit the world around us.



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